Hard work: part II

Yep, we worked with the setup today and got the rails ready. Now it's only little bit of transition,kicker and other small things left to be fixed.

But we've experienced the biggest hazards so far...mosquitos.

now questions!
What will happen if you let the itchy bites itch and doesn't scratch em'?


from the side



hmmm...clear sky?..no...

The weather sucks so much right now!
It looks like the UK...and it's so fuzzin boooring

a pic from better days

Inity News!

Herd,yeah you heard it! Alex has now hooked up with a norwegian/canadian headwear brand called HERD Headwear! Dope beanies for shure! check it out www.herdheadwear.com !!!

Alex chillin' with our mate Daniel(Daniel is wearing an Inity shirt)

Inity news: Jon Häggberg!

Let us introduce our new part of Inity Media, Jon Häggberg. He has been filming with us this year and he's a killer. Jon was born in 94' but his riding is way over normal-moped-aged-boys...This dude is going to attend to R.A.I.M (Rail Academy of Inity Media). With his talent and coaching from Jeansmannen and Sanyo(robin) he will improve faster than a moonshiner escaping from the police! He is now riding for AlohaHemp. (www.alohahemp.com)

Jon delivering the treats in Kläppen,Sweden!

Check out the hoodie from AlohaHemp

Hard Work!

Yepp, really hard work yesterday.
Our summer-setup is soon to take place. It's going to be terrific and magnificent! There's going to be two lines, down rail and a down-flat-down.

Little work left with the transitions and rails. looking awsome already. Jon and Sanyo(robin) did actually work this time...haha