street mission

Yesterday Alex went out to shoot a close-out rail downtown. Lucas Nilsson took these pictures. SICK!
5-0 pop-over.
Check out Lucas own page. Fragments From Life Good shit for sure!


Here is our friend Adam Falk & Niclas Jakobssons movie Anima!
It sure gets us hyped on shredding. Perfect mix of documentary/rideing and artsy parts. It's just a movie with harmony and sweet vibes.

TWA - Itsontvinternet

TWA - ItsOnTVInternet from VANpire Media on Vimeo.

My boys at ItsOnTvinternet went down to bring the awards. Here is footage from the afterparty..!

Fresh from Jocke

Godzilla from eDoggo on Vimeo.

Jocke has been down in Kläppen and riding their pre-season park. Here is the proof !
Sick skiing for sure

Funäs Parken

Here are some pictures of the park! Remember this is only "preseason"-park...

J'rig messing it up in the muddy

Jocke taking it back to his roots, muddy sliding by the canal in ljungsbro!
Some really sweet moves in this one, imagine those on real rails.