Up north!

On monday morning Inity crew will leave a snowmageddon-Linköping, and will be travelling up north to Kläppen and possibly Tandådalen. Sweet!!

Jon is already there so we will catch up with him and other friends for some filming.

Saturday Mallet: Alex and Jocke

Yesterday we were filming this wooden rail. We got some sweet footage, but here you got two session enders...

Saturday Mallet from Inity Media on Vimeo.

Webisode 2 Finally!!!

After serious problems with cameras,bands and editing program we give you the next webisode.

Webisode 2- Street & Trysil from Inity Media on Vimeo.

sir. Joel Andersson!!!!!

If you think you got a trick that looks cool and ballsy on tape. Joel will bust a trick that's way nastier and even more nuts...That's the spirit of GUNRACKPACK

Just check this picture from today.
Gap to boardslide



Today we continued to film for our next webisode. We started out with a sick S-rail,then a rainbow over water and at last a "flat-down-flat-down". Jocke's rail balance is ill.

This time we got our mate Joel Andersson with us. A really sick rider reppin our own "swedish party snake crew" called "GUNRACKPACK". Be shure to check out their SICK blog: GunRackPack

pics from today

Alex nosepress

Mr.Andersson frontboard



Jon slayed at CBJO and placed 2nd after his Rossignol teammate Per Fernvik.
Those young bucks is going to take over the world soon!

Robin though, went to Trysil and stayed there a bit longer than expected and without the knowledge of that he was chosen to compete and should have been there (at CBJO).
Instead, he competed in Trysil Big Air and place between 5-8 out of 25 riders.
(Thomas Dölplads won)

even more sneeky peekz

Back home from Trysil, and here is yet another sneakpeak...with some riding from Alex which will be included in our next WEBI.

Alex trysil from Inity Media on Vimeo.

preview 2

We know that "webisode#2" have been taking way too long time to come out... But soon it will and you will get a webisode that's longer and better.

spot sneakpeak: