Jon went to Sälen, Jocke went to Trysil...
We(Alex, Robin) went to KISA
as you can see the papparazzi webcam caught us in action

Only one slope open, one box,one love = creative jibs

Handrail Pics

Jocke, Robin and me (Alex) went out filming for our comming webisode. Here you got some pictures from one of the rails.


you have to watch this movie!
some crazy rail shredding and really great editing. Download the torrent on their site:

here is the teaser

Ducksjen Teaser #2 from kasper Häggstrøm on Vimeo.


We have made some changes on the blog. check out all links and sponsors! some nasty shit right there ya know!

real schitty

Alex and Jocke went out for a session in the skatepark.
This is what they came back with!

real schitty from Inity Media on Vimeo.

school work

Here is a video made by Alex and our friend Daniel. Daniel is the one performing for the cam!!

Music video - school task from Inity Media on Vimeo.


Jocke made it to the Super finals in SRS. Even though he didn't get his riding to work. Robin became sick during the night...

And best of all... Jocke and Robin got caught by undercover cops for speeding on their way home... Thank YOU !

sundsvall railstyle

Robin and Jocke are going to Sundsvall tommorrow. They are going to attend to "Sundsvall Railstyle" and Inity wish them best of luck!

reports will come during the weekend..

Extreme Makeover

Not really, but so much better!

yeah, we have improved our own backyard setup! The Drop transition is now much smoother, we got a super fresh and wide kicker wide enough to make side kicks for both lines...ill!


Inity went to Lg Winterjam last weekend. All of us were pumped to shred in the Dc rail arena. But when we saw the setup...disappointment. MAN how on momma earth did they think when building the kickers?! we left the camera to stay in the bag because we knew we wouldn't going to get some good tricks on tape..
Luckily made our friends the trip worthy.

And the pro riders competing in King Of Style and world cup delivered a great show.

So to sum up, it was a pretty funny day!




Inity went to Tandådalen this weekend for some shred. We spent our nights at crib a lá Maxi and Hebbe. Thanks dudes!
The weather was a bit shitty but we still had crazy fun. Check some ninja moves in this edit

Inity in Tandådalen 14-15 nov from Inity Media on Vimeo.

Inity Jam Rock - Success!!

Our first rail jam went out really good. According to some riders the best Am railevent they have been to. It's very funny to get that response from very talented shredders. We had a setup that was going to show who had the most creativity and inspiration to do some new tricks.

THANKS to all our sponsors(prices): Herd Headwear, FirstAid,Sportif Unlimited, Oakley, Insight, Bonfire, Appertiff, Wesc, New Era

And a great thanks to all other sponsors who made this possible: Red Bull, Bygg-E gruppen, Rapps Glas, Cityföreningen, Cloetta Center, Saab, Anders Ljungstedts Gymnasium, Bergs Trä, Skott & Co Reklambyrå, OKQ8 and all the people giving a helping hand (you know who you are).

Ski 14+
1.Hampus Öhlin
2.Christoffer Hjälmeby
3.Joakim Croy after a head-to-Head with Jon Häggberg

Snowboard 14+
1.Joel Andersson
2.Linus Johansson
3.Anders Aspgård

1.Kalle Pettersson
3.Kiddo with a green jacket

The day before armagideon!!!

Yeah folks the sickest rail jam in history is only one day ahead!

So get ready for the day of your life, and keep your boards and skis de-tuned, cuz YOU will deliver the meanest moves in rail history...!

no pre-season edit in a while...

We have been too busy working with our rail event, so you'll have to wait for the backyard edit.

Jocke "Jeansmannen" Rignell

Inity's own superunknown railshredder Jocke aka jeansmannen won the "Make it Happen Railjam tour" stop in Gothenburg.

Riding safe and stylish through the entire day, even though the setup was hella skeeeetch. Which gave him a ticket to the superfinals in Kläppen.

Inity Jam Rock preview.....

Our rail jam 's gonna blow up momma-earth!

Check out fo ya self..

Funky disco jibassic car-box and a 5m down rail (missing wood sides)

Add sick prices from: Herd Headwear, FirstAid, Insight, Wesc, New Era, Sportif!!
And RedBull to get your silly asses kickin' it up!

Stay tuned!

Inity have borrowed a sick cam! We will be shooting a lot of footage in the next week, edit dropping later... so stay tuned for some really epic pre-season shredzzz man!


Inity is going to launch a rail jam in Linköping, Sweden. It's going to be off the hook!!

Sign up on guestlist on facebook:


Rail Jam in Linköping

All Inity members top 5 in "Rollin'Snow Rail Jam"...except of Jocke who had fever...super sad cuz he should have killed it with his mad skills.

High level of riding and it was hella fun!

No vids or pics yet, stay tuned.


Aqua Jam

Back from an epic weekend in Orsa, and Aqua Jam. The trip was really hyphy and funny! A great mix of shredigans,party and sick car manouvers.

At four o'clock in dawn we started our roadtrip from Linköping, about 3 hrs later we were in Orsa...haha
..crazyness continued all day long! Jocke placed 6-8 with HUGE Mistys!! Double cork try by Robin, and sick switch spins by Jon in the qualifiers.
Then we slept in the car, and woke up in a soaked car full of gastly young men(Inity gang).
Today we joined Maximilliam to Malung for some railing on their summer setup. Didn't get the riding to work though, because we all were a bit lazy. But in the end it was a jolly good weekend!!

*We met a lot of smooth people and had a great time!
*Sweet water actions
*A little Brokeback Mountain style while sleeping...
*hell of a crazy roadtrip, including Moooning !
*Erik Pousette smoothin' around in the shadows at the party, haha
*Congratulations to Per Fernvik,winner!!
*Water temp. 13 C



Inity Media is going to Orsa, and Aqua Jam tomorrow! going to be sickter!

update on sunday!


Today the whole Inity crew + Johan went to "Hangaren" for some actions. We had so much fun! Some hard bails, and some ninja moves!

there is maybe an little edit later on...



We went out clubbin yesterday and rocked fo sho'!

Note: check out the backslick man going for one more! playing with his farsas bucks...eouh

Inity Media on Facebook!!!!

Inity got a group on facebook, and you bettah join it!
Follow link in "Inity Media on Facebook"

summer setup!!!!!

the setup has been ridable for almost a week now!
and we are about to capture some moves in the next couple of weeks!

In the beginning we wanted a good looking one, but to get enough speed it had to look like Andy Parry's....

Jon swuapping!

Inity news!

Rumors in The Outback says that Jon and Rossignol have found eachother...we can now confess that it's TRUE!! Congratulations son!! Now reppin' Ross!

Movie time!

yep, time for a movie with all of us!

dedicated to the surf/skate/snow shop First Aid!

The First Aid Edit from Inity Media on Vimeo.

Flames !

Inity News!

Robin recieved a package 2 days ago, containing a pair of skis! Majesty skis! Thanks to Patrik @ Kitekraft!!


Jocke,Robin and I skated at a local skatepark today. We took some photos and just had a good time shreddin'!

Me, fs180

Robin, Pop shuvit

Jocke, Japan in front of stoked kids

Jocke again

Peace! / Ali

Mike Benson: Knife Show

You better check out the Knife show videos! cause they are sick. peep the editing skills!

Hard work: part II

Yep, we worked with the setup today and got the rails ready. Now it's only little bit of transition,kicker and other small things left to be fixed.

But we've experienced the biggest hazards so far...mosquitos.

now questions!
What will happen if you let the itchy bites itch and doesn't scratch em'?


from the side



hmmm...clear sky?

The weather sucks so much right now!
It looks like the UK...and it's so fuzzin boooring

a pic from better days

Inity News!

Herd,yeah you heard it! Alex has now hooked up with a norwegian/canadian headwear brand called HERD Headwear! Dope beanies for shure! check it out !!!

Alex chillin' with our mate Daniel(Daniel is wearing an Inity shirt)

Inity news: Jon Häggberg!

Let us introduce our new part of Inity Media, Jon Häggberg. He has been filming with us this year and he's a killer. Jon was born in 94' but his riding is way over normal-moped-aged-boys...This dude is going to attend to R.A.I.M (Rail Academy of Inity Media). With his talent and coaching from Jeansmannen and Sanyo(robin) he will improve faster than a moonshiner escaping from the police! He is now riding for AlohaHemp. (

Jon delivering the treats in Kläppen,Sweden!

Check out the hoodie from AlohaHemp

Hard Work!

Yepp, really hard work yesterday.
Our summer-setup is soon to take place. It's going to be terrific and magnificent! There's going to be two lines, down rail and a down-flat-down.

Little work left with the transitions and rails. looking awsome already. Jon and Sanyo(robin) did actually work this time...haha


Bowling & club

Me, Robin ,Jocke and Danne went out clubbin' this past weekend! It began in Danne's basement, with music and Pavas, then we went to the Bowling center to steeze out strikes! Super fun, not as much strikes as planned though...haha. Robin picked the Biggezt shoes on earth, size 50. Danne rocked the bar and Jocke striked the most strikes for the evening with about 3 strikes. Not to forget, the bowl-floor is pretty slippery haha, I slided out halfway at two times!
But fun as hell!! then we went out clubbin' and rocking dancefloors! Danne almost got caught by piggie-pot claiming he acted wierd on dancefloor.. huh:S haha he was just rockin' it!

driver's license!

Yeah, Jocke is now able to drive us everywhere! Congrats man!!
Donno if he jumped to bed with the testman or not, but one thing for sure he ripped the shit out of the test!
So keep your daughters locked up inside! Cause we're soon going to hit the roads son!

Video hammertime!

Yup the video from kläppen is out now! And our man Jocke turns 18 today, big ups bro!

Kläppen edit from Inity Media on Vimeo.

Our mate Jon show how its done, switch 900 Tail!
Robin puts it right there

Robin recording Jocke, 900

Jocke Followcam on Robin


1st class HAHA