spotbattle quali

Here is Robin's video qualification for Spotbattle.

Spotbattle is a sick competition held at Funäsdalsberget.

biker mice!

our boy jocke won a railjam recently. 1st price was a bike. HAHA!

But the bike were to big to put in the car, he had to ride that shit all way home. about 3 miles of sweet crouch battery
But we are happy for him


Our boy Jon have been missing a long time here on the blog. By two reasons, 1. He is cheatin on us with Dweet crew, 2. We are staying at different locations this winter. Nuff said here is a video with him slaying

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more stills

Fs Lipper

stills from next vanpire episode!

Be sure to check out next episode from Vanpire diaries - dropping sooner or later!
Maxxx and Jesper
Anton B

The Challenge of speed and danger!

The unbeatable..? and most dangerous JOnny Daredevil invites the fastest men on earth to challenge him in this prestigeous and lethal race, were the winner takes all glory and walks away with all the babes. Some say it's sheer LUCK, JOnny say's it is just the SKILL!!
This time it's our own Alex the Vanpire (aka. Laser Duke)who stands up against J.Daredevil. See for yourselves..!

Think you're fast, maybe faster than J.D? Well if you don't get an invite in due time, YOU'RE not fast enough!


dirty edit by our friends down in Kläppen. Skålmo delivers good shit!. check out inity member joakim rignell rippin with a nasty backpack!

Our boy Jon Häggberg has been competing in Austrian Open some days ago, and went to the finals against riders like Ambuhl, Jossi wells etc. Proud of him!

day in the woods

today we gave up the park and headed out for some natural spots, in the woods of funäsdalen.

rainbow logs, polejams, gaps, mini drops and shit like that. fun as hell!!