TWA - Best park goes to..

Funäsdalen, were Alex and Robin work as diggers! So much fun like we said earlier. To get a price like this just increases the motivation to become even better next year (this season). Big ups to the all those who have helped out in some way, cat-drivers, non-payed workers and Transition Magazine for nominating Funäsdalen.

Here is a few words (in swedish)

Årets Park – Sveriges bästa park under säsongen 10/11 – Funälsdalen

Årets park kan summeras med noll budget, tonvis med passion och sjukt många års erfarenhet av shapning. Med grymma features, perfektion och personlighet, går årets park till Funäsdalen. (Nominerade: Kläppen & Pink Park Lindvallen)

you got the blues?

This is probably one of the smoothest performances ever!

Enjoy BB King and others playing the blues for hardened inmates, in Sing Sing Prison back in 1972. The first thoughts about this were not that positive to gather all these prisoners together for a concert, without starting a riot... But the concert fortunately proved to be a celebratory experience to both BB/Joan as well as for the prisoners. Nothing but great feelings!

And since Joan baez is one of my favourite musicians here is a video from the same concert with her and her sister Mimi Farina:

"There was a riot at Sing Sing prison but it was a riot of music, emotion, enthusiasm and good feelings. What a day. What a concert!"
-Jerry Oster


2nd session of the year

Today we had a really good time shredding in the fog

Nominated as Best Park in Sweden!

Yesh, Funäsdalsberget got nominated by Transition magazine as Best Park along with two other parks. That's was really fun because Alex and Robin worked as diggers last year with Jonas Wilhelmson. So much fun to see that hard work pays off. But the one that should have the most cred is the snow cat driver Perra. Without his driving skills it could never be that good. Imagine yourself building kickers without "park-equipment" for your snow cat...

The thing with the park at Funäsdalsberget is that you can ride almost every feature from at least 3 directions, just to make a creative park. Just to please riders that don't want to robotolize their line of choice. Now you can ride without boundaries and only your mind is blocking you. If you don't believe this, just visit the park.

Now we can just wait for the results, if we wins or "just" become one of Top 3 parks in Sweden. We are stoked either way!

story behind Vanpire

Smple as this: Alex & Robin spent 4 months living in their VW-Camper in Funäsdalen last year.