Rip Curl RailBattle

like alex VQ for the RCRB competition and he might have a chance to ride it!
don't forget to spread the link to everyone. just like columbus spread syphilis...

Herd Headwear 2011/2012

Herd Headwear

Alex & Jon 2nd places

This past weekend Robin and Alex went down to their former hometown Linköping. To compete in a Railjam tour called Rollin Snow by Nitro Snb. The tour have moved from town to town to pick out the best riders for a super final in Linköping. There were also a qualification in Linköping so we went there to ride. Jocke, Robin, Alex and Jon got through to the semi-finals, all of them made it to the superfinals too. except robin who smashed his head and couln't finnish.

Jon took 2rd in ski and Alex took 2nd place in snowboard!

More pictures/edit will be posted if there's any good within a few!

Good Look - Pow Montage

Damn! getting really hyped for winter and pow after watching this

Re-post Robin Davidson

Let's do some reposts, just to get pumped up for this season!
Starting with Robin. The end is pretty random.There's supposed to be some pow shredding. But as you probably experienced the Mac & PC compatibility is not that good...

snowboard videoz

GOOD LOOK Finland Rail Trip from PEOPLE FILMS (The People Crew) on Vimeo.

The first snowfall came to sweden yesterday..But melted. But hopefully its time for a session like this in a few days.

Frontline Railjam

The Frontline Rail Jam took place in Stockholm this weekend. Probably one of the sickest rail jams after Hot Dawgs & Hand Rails. Plenty of good riders as well.
Here is an edit by the mustachio boys.