Extreme Makeover

Not really, but so much better!

yeah, we have improved our own backyard setup! The Drop transition is now much smoother, we got a super fresh and wide kicker wide enough to make side kicks for both lines...ill!


Inity went to Lg Winterjam last weekend. All of us were pumped to shred in the Dc rail arena. But when we saw the setup...disappointment. MAN how on momma earth did they think when building the kickers?! Argh..so we left the camera to stay in the bag because we knew we wouldn't going to get some good tricks on tape..
Luckily made our friends the trip worthy.

And the pro riders competing in King Of Style and world cup delivered a great show.

So to sum up, it was a pretty funny day!




Inity went to Tandådalen this weekend for some shred. We spent our nights at crib a lá Maxi and Hebbe. Thanks dudes!
The weather was a bit shitty but we still had crazy fun. Check some ninja moves in this edit

Inity in Tandådalen 14-15 nov from Inity Media on Vimeo.

Inity Jam Rock - Success!!

Our first rail jam went out really good. According to some riders the best Am railevent they have been to. It's very funny to get that response from very talented shredders. We had a setup that was going to show who had the most creativity and inspiration to do some new tricks.

THANKS to all our sponsors(prices): Herd Headwear, FirstAid,Sportif Unlimited, Oakley, Insight, Bonfire, Appertiff, Wesc, New Era

And a great thanks to all other sponsors who made this possible: Red Bull, Bygg-E gruppen, Rapps Glas, Cityföreningen, Cloetta Center, Saab, Anders Ljungstedts Gymnasium, Bergs Trä, Skott & Co Reklambyrå, OKQ8 and all the people giving a helping hand (you know who you are).

Ski 14+
1.Hampus Öhlin
2.Christoffer Hjälmeby
3.Joakim Croy after a head-to-Head with Jon Häggberg

Snowboard 14+
1.Joel Andersson
2.Linus Johansson
3.Anders Aspgård

1.Kalle Pettersson
3.Kiddo with a green jacket

The day before armagideon!!!

Yeah folks the sickest rail jam in history is only one day ahead!

So get ready for the day of your life, and keep your boards and skis de-tuned, cuz YOU will deliver the meanest moves in rail history...!

no pre-season edit in a while...

We have been too busy working with our rail event, so you'll have to wait for the backyard edit.