Yep you heard, Inity will be going to Tandådalen this weekend and it's gonna be ill!
We hope to see you fellas out there.

Get ready for an epic bro cam edit dropping next week :D!!!


winterjam was like always - good show, sketchy rails, great mates - in the end a good time spending with snowboard/ski.

This year they had a competition, not too serious but still a comp, "oneil rail jam". Alex ended up 2nd and jocke and robin chilled and just had fun - which is what it's all about!

Stockholm didn't really show it's best side and there were laying poopoos on the sidewalk and it was raining. So we didn't film anything. We might post photos if we find any...

really fun to se the riders thow down sweet moves in the jump too!

Next up is a weekend in Tandådalen, there we will film a lot!

surfin bird!

Jocke has been surfin in spain for a week. Lucky boy, cuz it's been raining almost every day since he left sweden.

Our own Inity wagoon's bros!

more bros

chillaxing monkey....also a bro! Stop looking at his scrotum

Robin on K2 and cheers

Robin has joined K2 here in sweden. We're happy for him. Inity vagoon is about to get pimped soon. Gadang! Grab your k2 equipment at your local dealer!!

We also want to give his former sponsor Fat-ypus a big ups and best of luck in the future!

House of 1817!!!!!!!!!!

House of 1817 delivers a beast!

House of 1817: The Movie from riley erickson on Vimeo.