Lack of updates lately. But the reason is that, we have been riding at local hills, and there's no jumps or rails yet...

They claim to have their "terrain parks" ready after new year. Then we gonna do a Östergötland Grand tour and shred local parks!! :D

We are also waiting for our Canon Eos 60D!!

Awastar - skateboard movie

Don't miss this movie by Awaut and local crew Starfeld. It's called Awastar, and it's bangin' smooth, great tricks and good music!

Press here to watch

Stuntlab and 21 inch

got this edit from Wolga Low boss, Simon. Features riding from his backyard park, Stuntlab!
good edit and filming too!

Bombtårta! from Kristoffer Davidsson on Vimeo.

And here's 21inch movie "restless", including gangsta steeze, blunt 2s and just great riding! Wrapped up with sweet editing and video quality - a fine movie.

21INCH RESTLESS from 21INCH on Vimeo.

finals in M.I.H

Yes you got it right, Inity will go to Kläppen and the finals of the rail tour. Both Alex and Jocke are in the finals! Robin will ride the quali at saturday.

Rumors has it that the setup is going to be really sick...!
And we also got a bunch of friends competing, will be Good Times for sure :D


we know that there's been a lack of updates lately, but we will change that! it has been snowing a lot down here in Linköping. So we will try to do some urbans.
Enjoy these vidz

Boreal TVC 2010 - bHappy Films from bHappyFilms on Vimeo.

Boreal Team Challenge , Gremlinz from GBP on Vimeo.

Sniff It Out from Jeremy Jones on Vimeo.

Keystone Opening Day 2010 - Freeskier Podcast from Junction 133 on Vimeo.