Vanpire Diaries - Ski 1

This seasons first ski edit from the Vanpires! Hope you'll enjoy it!
Happy new year!

shred dayz

its been two dayz with funky riding. lots of crashes and muscle-tearing stunts...

season is on for real

the season has started some weeks ago. we are busy making snow most all of the time, but we have had a couple of days shredding. no park yet, we want to be shure it will be rad instead of bulding a crappy one "just to open first"...

Its on TV Internet "FRAMED"

Here is itsontvinternets first movie FRAMED! Alex has been involved in both filming/editing and riding!


hard labouring going down. came home to our house two weeks ago, and now we're building a snow making sytem.

Alex the vanpire

Here is a passing glance from alex season in Funäsdalen. Additional filming by Mårten Daag!


Here is the trailer for Itsontvinternet project during this past winter. Alex is secondary filmer and will also have a riding shots in it!! Stay Tuned

Joakim Rignell!

Lets introduce you to our childhood frind, and brother Joakim Rignell! He just released footage from his season. Its simply BANGIN!

Jonnie Jazz

Here's our homie Jon with a banging season edit! Funky, dirty and pure sweetness
Well it's been a serious lack of updates lately. But the season is pretty much over and every resort have been closed for some weeks. Jocke though, has been making a lot of sweet moves this year, just watch this (if you not already have)...!

Follower of Vanpire!

Here's a dude that visits our page every now and then.. So what? No, he also takes time to leave some cred. Thanks! So we answer this, by posting this fellas season edit. Here is Mike Chmil If you like our videos/blog... even though we have been pretty lazy this season, and want to leave some comments, don't hesitate. Throw your shit/cred/hate at us!


Alex has been out on Helags, the most sounthbound glacier in Sweden. He was there filming with ItsonTvinternet. the pic shows a pretty sick tomahawk he did...

bros with skiis

check out our boys:
Jon in this edit, riding with other friends to us.

Kläppen SnowPark Öppning from Adam Forsberg on Vimeo.

and peep our other homie Joakim in this one, straight from US.

Alex in Norway: photo update

Today Alex left Myrkdalen to continue his roadtrip. He is now in Stryn.
Here's some pictures taken while getting there...! Some fantastic landscape there is

Norway Roadtrip first stop

In Myrkdalen just outside Voss. We came here with no expectations. But when we started to get closer to Myrkdalen we realized there would be a lot of snow. Every road sign was burried under snow and the walls next to the road sometimes measured about 3-4 meters high!!