Alex in Norway: photo update

Today Alex left Myrkdalen to continue his roadtrip. He is now in Stryn.
Here's some pictures taken while getting there...! Some fantastic landscape there is

Norway Roadtrip first stop

In Myrkdalen just outside Voss. We came here with no expectations. But when we started to get closer to Myrkdalen we realized there would be a lot of snow. Every road sign was burried under snow and the walls next to the road sometimes measured about 3-4 meters high!!

Nike Chosen went down!!

Yesterday was the day! The competition and afterparty took place here in Funäsdalen.
It was a huge relief to see that the jump worked really good and everyone seemed to be stoked on our digging.

And also a huge big up to our buddy Joel Andersson who became "the chosen"! and to mention, We had nothing to do with the judging. we were just diggers haha.

´The afterparty was off the hook, and it looked like all who came had a blast. Veras was the place to be at, a cosy pub became a cosy mega party!
Here are some pictures from the night!

NIke Chosen Series in Funäsdalen

We have been digging as loonatics the last couple of days to make the features for the Nike Chosen event. Its really fun to hold an event as big as this tour. And we want everything to be perfect! So Just come to Funäsdalen tomorrow and take part!