Inity reveals "VANpire Diaries"

Inity is launching "VANpire Diaries", a film project which purpose is to deliver edits similar to Windells and Sunday in the park. Filmed in Trötparken, Funäsdalen and surroundings. With both local riders as visiting. The reason behind "VANpire Diaries" is because we are living in an old VW Camper Bus - 82.

ice storm

Last night we got attacked by mean winds and ice. Not to mention, we woke up in the morning by loud sounds, like someone was throwing rocks on us. It was just a tractor equipped with a snowblower shooting his waste on us.

Then we worked a bit in the park. After that, we headed out trying to find some god tree-runs. Turned out pretty well. Robin made a sweet scorpion-headslide-flip-pillow drop-to goggles full of snow- to brain freeze. Quite a view actually.

New E'doggo flick

Check out our mates rippin in Kläppen. Inity member Joakim Rignell got a small part in it. His 7...DANG!!

laidback 7?

takes a nasty hit

Double J's

Jon and Jocke is down in Sälen tearin it up. Rumors has it that Jocke is working so much he sneaks out to the park on lunch breaks...

Here are two pics taken by Johan Olsson in early december.

Jon on the other hand is shredding. Maybe he's working on backflips after this:

Dweetblog - En dag i Tandådalen from Ruben Rens on Vimeo.

He is also cheating on Inity with his Dweet crew...
Ckeck out their blog: Dweet


After shaping and some laps in the park we went out with a snowmobile to ride some pow. We skitched behind in a long rope. It was really fun, but a pain in the ass with too skinny skis and short board. You had to lean back so much your legs got lactic acid. BUt in the end we had really fun. Nice to see the nature for real.

If you aint got nothing to do check outIt's On TV Internet

in funäsdalen!

After a pretty long day of driving we found this nights sleep pretty well. Woke up this morning and went for a coffee with Jonas. Then we headed out to the park. About 10cm of fresh snow covered the whole slope. We were just cruising and having a good time.

Now we are chilling in the van.

pictures will come when we have taken any..


muddy jumping

Walking up the drop in...



joel,da möb who has built this baby

joel tearin up the spot


a little zip on mr.boooze! getting energy for the stroll back to the top

alex back 1 mute


one of the best vids this year!


here's a short flick from a session we had on an old root cellar. we made the kicker really steep so you didn't had to land flat. add a tow-in with bungee between trees = sketchy fun spot.