Lack of updates lately. But the reason is that, we have been riding at local hills, and there's no jumps or rails yet...

They claim to have their "terrain parks" ready after new year. Then we gonna do a Östergötland Grand tour and shred local parks!! :D

We are also waiting for our Canon Eos 60D!!

Awastar - skateboard movie

Don't miss this movie by Awaut and local crew Starfeld. It's called Awastar, and it's bangin' smooth, great tricks and good music!

Press here to watch

Stuntlab and 21 inch

got this edit from Wolga Low boss, Simon. Features riding from his backyard park, Stuntlab!
good edit and filming too!

Bombtårta! from Kristoffer Davidsson on Vimeo.

And here's 21inch movie "restless", including gangsta steeze, blunt 2s and just great riding! Wrapped up with sweet editing and video quality - a fine movie.

21INCH RESTLESS from 21INCH on Vimeo.

finals in M.I.H

Yes you got it right, Inity will go to Kläppen and the finals of the rail tour. Both Alex and Jocke are in the finals! Robin will ride the quali at saturday.

Rumors has it that the setup is going to be really sick...!
And we also got a bunch of friends competing, will be Good Times for sure :D


we know that there's been a lack of updates lately, but we will change that! it has been snowing a lot down here in Linköping. So we will try to do some urbans.
Enjoy these vidz

Boreal TVC 2010 - bHappy Films from bHappyFilms on Vimeo.

Boreal Team Challenge , Gremlinz from GBP on Vimeo.

Sniff It Out from Jeremy Jones on Vimeo.

Keystone Opening Day 2010 - Freeskier Podcast from Junction 133 on Vimeo.


Yep you heard, Inity will be going to Tandådalen this weekend and it's gonna be ill!
We hope to see you fellas out there.

Get ready for an epic bro cam edit dropping next week :D!!!


winterjam was like always - good show, sketchy rails, great mates - in the end a good time spending with snowboard/ski.

This year they had a competition, not too serious but still a comp, "oneil rail jam". Alex ended up 2nd and jocke and robin chilled and just had fun - which is what it's all about!

Stockholm didn't really show it's best side and there were laying poopoos on the sidewalk and it was raining. So we didn't film anything. We might post photos if we find any...

really fun to se the riders thow down sweet moves in the jump too!

Next up is a weekend in Tandådalen, there we will film a lot!

surfin bird!

Jocke has been surfin in spain for a week. Lucky boy, cuz it's been raining almost every day since he left sweden.

Our own Inity wagoon's bros!

more bros

chillaxing monkey....also a bro! Stop looking at his scrotum

Robin on K2 and cheers

Robin has joined K2 here in sweden. We're happy for him. Inity vagoon is about to get pimped soon. Gadang! Grab your k2 equipment at your local dealer!!

We also want to give his former sponsor Fat-ypus a big ups and best of luck in the future!

House of 1817!!!!!!!!!!

House of 1817 delivers a beast!

House of 1817: The Movie from riley erickson on Vimeo.

Sick skateboarding !

Swedish Albert Nyberg killing it big time! If you haven't seen the whole Newsoul video do it...just sayin'!!

You Got Soul - Albert "Abbe" Nyberg from Newsoulskateboards on Vimeo.

Also check out "Starfeld" skate crew. Really good skaters all of them.

rollin snow railjam. pic bonanzaa!

Here's a whole bunch of pics. Mostly from Adam Forsberg. Really good filmer/photographer

Check out this edit:

Family First from Adam Forsberg on Vimeo.

In these pictures: Dogge Källsbo, Chrille Hjälmeby,Anton Jansson, Jonizzle, Robin, Jocke, Alex, Jacob Hyllengren, Hampus Öhlin, Oscar Wester, Maximilliam Smith and Erik Pousette

alex shitty footy

Alex tricks from Inity Media on Vimeo.

containing: nasty polish speaking, sketchy riding and huge amounts of snow!


foggy session from Inity Media on Vimeo.

our second time shredding the backyard with artificial turf. testing out the gopro low light performance

caught up with Joakim Rignell!

Inity: YOO Jocke, What's up? you're alright?
Joakim: Hello hello, I'm doing great, a bit tired after our backyard opening session though... you?

Inity: haha awsome, same here! so season is ON, it's been a while since skiing I guess, it must be sick to be back on skis?
Joakim: for sure it's on, about fucking time. summer is like a huge hungover in my opinion...

Inity: haha true words. What have you been doing in summer then?
Joakim: Let me see.. chillin' with smooth people, bathing, waterskis, female bagging, usual things u know ;)

Inity: Sounds like you have had a decent summer! you have also worked as a fisherman, how the life as a heavy duty fisherman?
Joakim: YES that's true. actually it's really fun! you never know how much, or what species ,your going to get in those nets. got no feelings for those fishes though, whatever large amounts of fish equals money!
Inity: haha sad but true...You did a parachute jump this weekend. how's the feeling?

Joakim: F.Y.I. roddfishers are queers! that's right, sickest feeling ever. better than drugs (I think). It's a totally different world up there, no probs, nothing just a sweet satisfying feeling of freedom!
Inity: Well sounds epic! rumors has it your looking for a ski sponsor? seems really weird your not hooked up yet, you got them mad skillz!

Joakim: hmmm yes I do, not that much but I'm looking around though. haha,Thanks bro! I hope to get one soon, we will se what this winter brings, but one thing for sure I'm in desperate need of new skiis!
Inity: doesn't doubt that! urbans and rails is destroying skis almost as much as you rapes them. Hows the season gonna look like?

Joakim: HAHA. when does a rail jam become a single part of X-games...? This winter I'm located in Kläppen as a ski instructor. I'm gonna teach a lot of peops to learn how to ski properly. It's going to be hella fun, hope to get some runs in the park too!
Inity: doesn't sound so bad. Inity hope to get some time for filming too. if not, we're gonna go to Folgefonna in summer! right?

Joakim: For sure, we're going to do a whole bunch of crispy edits! Folgefonna would be SICK. Hammer and nail on that one!

Inity: haha devine!! just like with Robin, a TOP 3 - whatever at the moment

1. free fall from 3000m altitude
2: getting pumped up for winter with sweets, movies and backyard shred and early nights!
3: playing modern warfare 2 on Live, I suck but it's ill fun.

Jocke "Jeansmannen"- 0910 from Inity Media on Vimeo.

Inity: hahaha ! anything else you would like to ad?
Joakim: true dignity is not to outmatch others, true dignity is to exceed the former I. Not to forget: bros before hoes, career before beer!
Inity: holy words! stay alright and we're going to shred soon!
Joakim: same to you young padwan, may the force be with you

Hello Robin!

Time to introduce the crew, starting with Robin Davidson

Inity: Hello Robin, What's up?
Robin: Not much, just saw a movie, didn't understand a shit and about to sleep soon...

Inity: Haha sounds sweet. Rumor has it that you have bought a car..?
Robin: Rumor's true! a huge green one. There is no power assisting steering so you have to use em muscles, haha. But it's really fun!

Inity: SICK ! haha. Almost winter, do you want to go skiing now or what?
Robin: For sure! Can't wait anymore...

Inity: Same here, You are entitled to vote for parliament this year. What's you thoughts?
Robin: Yes, polls not looking so good right now. Hope the people change their opinions and do whats best for the country...left
Inity: Unfortunately true. What are you doing these days? You graduated from school this summer and no snow..
Robin: What am I not doing. Helping various peoples what they want to get helped with: gardening,painting and I'm working as a janitor too. Secateurs is a rather fun tool, seriously haha.

Inity: What have you done this summer?
Robin: Skateboarding, fishing, painting, brush cutter
Inity: We have also heard something about a concert in Berg?
Robin: Really, can't remember
Inity: Yes, that you disappeared during the evening and woke up at 6 in the morning under a bench with a hot dog in your cap..?
Robin: ...

Inity: What are the plans for this season?
Robin: Time will tell..I might get a job at a resort. Othervise I got my camping van with a Galley,fridge, heater and possibly LAN and wireless internet :)haha
Inity: Sounds like you're gonna have a good time after all. Let's end this by a classic "Top 3 - Whatever"

  1. VW Camper '82
  2. Good music
  3. Going berserk with the secateurs

Inity: Thanks! Have a nice day
Robin: You too!

our vanagooooon!

Alex on WolgaLow

Alex has joined the WolgaLow snowboard team.
WolgaLow is a clothing brand that makes sick tees,hoods and pants. True shit!

Order your shirt at WolgaLOW

inity wagooooon!

This is Initys new car. ready to take over the whole world!!!

everything is adjustable!



a PENTRY is obvious!

weekly politics #2

BT Kemi, låg i Teckomantorp utanför Malmö. Fram till 70-talet dumpade företaget ut spill och kemikalier i vattendrag runt om. Det tog inte lång tid innan ortsborna klagade på att vattnet stank och växter och djur runt vattnet dog. Efter en tid uppdagades det även att BT Kemi hade grävt ned hundratals fat med gifter som fenoxisyror och dinoseb. När allt kommit fram och skandalen var ett faktum krävdes ett skadestånd på ca 1,2 miljoner till sanering av området. Nu har mer än 77000 ton jord grävts bort från fabriksområdet, men området är inte färdigsanerat än idag 2010. Kostnaderna för saneringen lär enligt kalkylen ligga på ca 183 miljoner kronor...

Nu till vårt kära BP Oil och deras sätt att hantera en miljökatastrof, här gömmer sig höjdarna när något går snett. "green-washing", oljejättens egna slogan för miljövänlig oljeproduktion...

Tankarna om en förorenad jord och arbetarnas hälsa var antagligen inte lika stor, som önskan att tjäna en hacka! Tänk på det när du röstar. Ska miljö och hälsa gå före profiten, då vet du vad du ska välja - vänster
moiljö är en viktig punkt för moderaterna, anser dom, men att vara så sugen på profit och makt har förblindat folk förut. Titta på bara på BT KEmi och BP Oil...

skate pics

Some photos from a session @ ekholmen

Tony delivers the goods



these dudes makes snowboarding look so fun!!

House of 1817 Goes to Hood. from Jon Stark on Vimeo.

weekly politics

Tillängnat svenska läsare. Det är val i höst...så ta ställning och rösta r(ö)ätt!
Vi kommer under en tid att köra två politiska låtar varje söndag, start idag.

random shiiiittttt...!

fallen mate, random work and shit

Röjsåg from Inity Media on Vimeo.

a little stop while fishing, lil' bro can't control his rectum....