foggy session from Inity Media on Vimeo.

our second time shredding the backyard with artificial turf. testing out the gopro low light performance

caught up with Joakim Rignell!

Inity: YOO Jocke, What's up? you're alright?
Joakim: Hello hello, I'm doing great, a bit tired after our backyard opening session though... you?

Inity: haha awsome, same here! so season is ON, it's been a while since skiing I guess, it must be sick to be back on skis?
Joakim: for sure it's on, about fucking time. summer is like a huge hungover in my opinion...

Inity: haha true words. What have you been doing in summer then?
Joakim: Let me see.. chillin' with smooth people, bathing, waterskis, female bagging, usual things u know ;)

Inity: Sounds like you have had a decent summer! you have also worked as a fisherman, how the life as a heavy duty fisherman?
Joakim: YES that's true. actually it's really fun! you never know how much, or what species ,your going to get in those nets. got no feelings for those fishes though, whatever large amounts of fish equals money!
Inity: haha sad but true...You did a parachute jump this weekend. how's the feeling?

Joakim: F.Y.I. roddfishers are queers! that's right, sickest feeling ever. better than drugs (I think). It's a totally different world up there, no probs, nothing just a sweet satisfying feeling of freedom!
Inity: Well sounds epic! rumors has it your looking for a ski sponsor? seems really weird your not hooked up yet, you got them mad skillz!

Joakim: hmmm yes I do, not that much but I'm looking around though. haha,Thanks bro! I hope to get one soon, we will se what this winter brings, but one thing for sure I'm in desperate need of new skiis!
Inity: doesn't doubt that! urbans and rails is destroying skis almost as much as you rapes them. Hows the season gonna look like?

Joakim: HAHA. when does a rail jam become a single part of X-games...? This winter I'm located in Kläppen as a ski instructor. I'm gonna teach a lot of peops to learn how to ski properly. It's going to be hella fun, hope to get some runs in the park too!
Inity: doesn't sound so bad. Inity hope to get some time for filming too. if not, we're gonna go to Folgefonna in summer! right?

Joakim: For sure, we're going to do a whole bunch of crispy edits! Folgefonna would be SICK. Hammer and nail on that one!

Inity: haha devine!! just like with Robin, a TOP 3 - whatever at the moment

1. free fall from 3000m altitude
2: getting pumped up for winter with sweets, movies and backyard shred and early nights!
3: playing modern warfare 2 on Live, I suck but it's ill fun.

Jocke "Jeansmannen"- 0910 from Inity Media on Vimeo.

Inity: hahaha ! anything else you would like to ad?
Joakim: true dignity is not to outmatch others, true dignity is to exceed the former I. Not to forget: bros before hoes, career before beer!
Inity: holy words! stay alright and we're going to shred soon!
Joakim: same to you young padwan, may the force be with you

Hello Robin!

Time to introduce the crew, starting with Robin Davidson

Inity: Hello Robin, What's up?
Robin: Not much, just saw a movie, didn't understand a shit and about to sleep soon...

Inity: Haha sounds sweet. Rumor has it that you have bought a car..?
Robin: Rumor's true! a huge green one. There is no power assisting steering so you have to use em muscles, haha. But it's really fun!

Inity: SICK ! haha. Almost winter, do you want to go skiing now or what?
Robin: For sure! Can't wait anymore...

Inity: Same here, You are entitled to vote for parliament this year. What's you thoughts?
Robin: Yes, polls not looking so good right now. Hope the people change their opinions and do whats best for the country...left
Inity: Unfortunately true. What are you doing these days? You graduated from school this summer and no snow..
Robin: What am I not doing. Helping various peoples what they want to get helped with: gardening,painting and I'm working as a janitor too. Secateurs is a rather fun tool, seriously haha.

Inity: What have you done this summer?
Robin: Skateboarding, fishing, painting, brush cutter
Inity: We have also heard something about a concert in Berg?
Robin: Really, can't remember
Inity: Yes, that you disappeared during the evening and woke up at 6 in the morning under a bench with a hot dog in your cap..?
Robin: ...

Inity: What are the plans for this season?
Robin: Time will tell..I might get a job at a resort. Othervise I got my camping van with a Galley,fridge, heater and possibly LAN and wireless internet :)haha
Inity: Sounds like you're gonna have a good time after all. Let's end this by a classic "Top 3 - Whatever"

  1. VW Camper '82
  2. Good music
  3. Going berserk with the secateurs

Inity: Thanks! Have a nice day
Robin: You too!

our vanagooooon!