Our trip to Kläppen was super sick! We had so much fun and shredded pretty hard.

Saturday 4th,
We went by train to Borlänge, then we took the bus to Malung and our friend Hebbe's place, thanks man! Started out really well with bluebird, slushy snow and about 10 degrees in the sun!

We started out with smooth tricks on jumps and rails and had super fun and we all got stoked about the crazy weather and all the funny features!

The great weather conditions continued until Wednesday, when the time changed and the sky turned cloudy and it started to rain. But we kept on shredding and ended up all alone after some hours. We got totally soaked and went home about 4 o'clock. Also to mention we changed our current living and moved over to a mate of Jocke, Tim. Big ups to Tim who let us stay in his crib for some days!

Our only defeats: 2 broken poles, 1 cracked Board

I can safely say that this trip was a rad and funny trip! Kläppen is so gosh darn GOOD!
And shredding with all our FRIENDS just makes it even BETTER!

Video out soon..

Tjarå Rockstars!

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