Aqua Jam

Back from an epic weekend in Orsa, and Aqua Jam. The trip was really hyphy and funny! A great mix of shredigans,party and sick car manouvers.

At four o'clock in dawn we started our roadtrip from Linköping, about 3 hrs later we were in Orsa...haha
..crazyness continued all day long! Jocke placed 6-8 with HUGE Mistys!! Double cork try by Robin, and sick switch spins by Jon in the qualifiers.
Then we slept in the car, and woke up in a soaked car full of gastly young men(Inity gang).
Today we joined Maximilliam to Malung for some railing on their summer setup. Didn't get the riding to work though, because we all were a bit lazy. But in the end it was a jolly good weekend!!

*We met a lot of smooth people and had a great time!
*Sweet water actions
*A little Brokeback Mountain style while sleeping...
*hell of a crazy roadtrip, including Moooning !
*Erik Pousette smoothin' around in the shadows at the party, haha
*Congratulations to Per Fernvik,winner!!
*Water temp. 13 C


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