Inity Jam Rock - Success!!

Our first rail jam went out really good. According to some riders the best Am railevent they have been to. It's very funny to get that response from very talented shredders. We had a setup that was going to show who had the most creativity and inspiration to do some new tricks.

THANKS to all our sponsors(prices): Herd Headwear, FirstAid,Sportif Unlimited, Oakley, Insight, Bonfire, Appertiff, Wesc, New Era

And a great thanks to all other sponsors who made this possible: Red Bull, Bygg-E gruppen, Rapps Glas, Cityföreningen, Cloetta Center, Saab, Anders Ljungstedts Gymnasium, Bergs Trä, Skott & Co Reklambyrå, OKQ8 and all the people giving a helping hand (you know who you are).

Ski 14+
1.Hampus Öhlin
2.Christoffer Hjälmeby
3.Joakim Croy after a head-to-Head with Jon Häggberg

Snowboard 14+
1.Joel Andersson
2.Linus Johansson
3.Anders Aspgård

1.Kalle Pettersson
3.Kiddo with a green jacket

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