Hello Robin!

Time to introduce the crew, starting with Robin Davidson

Inity: Hello Robin, What's up?
Robin: Not much, just saw a movie, didn't understand a shit and about to sleep soon...

Inity: Haha sounds sweet. Rumor has it that you have bought a car..?
Robin: Rumor's true! a huge green one. There is no power assisting steering so you have to use em muscles, haha. But it's really fun!

Inity: SICK ! haha. Almost winter, do you want to go skiing now or what?
Robin: For sure! Can't wait anymore...

Inity: Same here, You are entitled to vote for parliament this year. What's you thoughts?
Robin: Yes, polls not looking so good right now. Hope the people change their opinions and do whats best for the country...left
Inity: Unfortunately true. What are you doing these days? You graduated from school this summer and no snow..
Robin: What am I not doing. Helping various peoples what they want to get helped with: gardening,painting and I'm working as a janitor too. Secateurs is a rather fun tool, seriously haha.

Inity: What have you done this summer?
Robin: Skateboarding, fishing, painting, brush cutter
Inity: We have also heard something about a concert in Berg?
Robin: Really, can't remember
Inity: Yes, that you disappeared during the evening and woke up at 6 in the morning under a bench with a hot dog in your cap..?
Robin: ...

Inity: What are the plans for this season?
Robin: Time will tell..I might get a job at a resort. Othervise I got my camping van with a Galley,fridge, heater and possibly LAN and wireless internet :)haha
Inity: Sounds like you're gonna have a good time after all. Let's end this by a classic "Top 3 - Whatever"

  1. VW Camper '82
  2. Good music
  3. Going berserk with the secateurs

Inity: Thanks! Have a nice day
Robin: You too!

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