*As you probably already noticed, we have changed our name. The old felt pretty random, so we changed to Vanpire Media instead of Inity Media. But the same shit as before with, a fresher design. The story behind the name is that me and my brother spent more than 3 months living in our green camper bus. Simple as that!

*We also want to introduce you to a new crew member, Alexander Sverin!
Robin and I met him in Funäsdalen, and you have seen him in our Vanpire Diaries. Alex is a super fun dude. His also riding for Moment skis in Sweden.

* Robin have also joined the swedish Moment skis team, and becomes teamrider with Alex Sverin. Robin says that K2 makes sick skis, don't forget that!! But it will be fun to join a smaller newer brand as Moment Skis.

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