Ghosthill Open

Yesterday Jocke,Robin and I went to Ghosthill Open, a big air contest in Katrineholm.

Jocke ended up 2nd and Robin 3rd Yeah! I took 1st place in snowboard.

It was a very funny day with clear sky and slushy snow, really nice. The kicker was a bit sketchy, but the landing was super nice.

Robin did some sw tricks in the jump and was one of very few who manage to drop in switch...With some sw mistys and 7s.

Jocke did some nasty mistys with sick grabs and also some steezy 9s. Really fun to see him steppin up in a big air contest, and not just kill the rails.

I put down some relly good 5s with alot of different grabs and also some 7s and such.

After the finals we just played around in the slopes, butterin bumps, jumping fences and just had a really good time! It was hella fun!

Some pictures from John Frölund:

Jon competed in the Jib Academy finals in Gesunda.

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