Kläppen trip

We arrived to Kläppen early on monday morning.Clear sky and about -35´C outside. We just chilled and got used to the jumps and rails.
Then we went to Tim,Christian and Hyllengrens' place in Lima where we crashed a few days. Thanks guys!!

The weather conditions changed and it started to get really windy and the coldness continued. Which turned our filming plans to crap...So we were only able to film 1½ day out of 4. But we got some good actions on tape though. We will post an edit later on.

After riding in Kläppen and watching the weather forecast we decided to go to another mate near Borlänge, Simon. He is the owner of the sickest backyard, not kidding it's wicked. Check out:Wolga Low. We had some really fun shred there and then we went home.


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